Studio 4Five
Graphic design is not limited to flyers…it is an extension of every brand.
We do not design for the moment…We design for the longevity of the brand

Our responsibility is to bring your vision to reality. We base the merit of our projects solely on execution and client satisfaction. Although we can offer creative direction, the main goal is to make your intangible concept tangible. Throughout our 10+ years of corporate and freelance design experience, we have learned and offer a versatile skill set to help you finish any design project.

Flyer Design

Flyer Design

Various styles of design techniques including vector and 3D elements included in the projects.

Flyer Design Questionnaire

Logo Design

Logo Design

Clean and modern logo design based off detailed consumer input.

Logo Design Questionnaire

web design

Web Development

Website design using either an open source CMS or custom built based on client preference.

Web Design Questionnaire

Other Design Services

Brochure, Poster, Billboard, Mixtape cover design services also offered to cover all your print media design needs. We also have experience in front end web design, email blasts and social media web design

Design Consultation Services

We offer diverse solutions and plans of action in order to satisfy client needs. From brand management to advertising advice we are willing to meet your need.

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